OceanCare is a shared care planning service operated by Ocean Health Systems and powered by the LinkedEHR Care Planning platform.

About Ocean Health Systems

Ocean Health Systems is an Australian company founded 20 years ago with a mission of enabling integrated care through the controlled sharing of standardised, meaningful personal health information. Our years of research and development resulted in the openEHR two-level modelling approach, which materialised into the openEHR technical specifications and clinical information models, now maintained by the openEHR foundation and available for everyone to use. The openEHR approach is applied across all of Ocean’s business areas including the first commercialised openEHR clinical data repository and online clinical information model governance tool. We provide a suite of clinical applications for infection control, staff health, shared care records and care planning to governments, hospital and primary care organisations, which were developed using the openEHR repository and clinical information models. Ocean supports the use of health information standards and has had a long involvement with national and international standards committees. Our contribution to the development of international standards and our experience in developing comprehensive software solutions have resulted in a respected reputation in these communities.

Our Experience

As a health solution provider specialist, Ocean works with national eHealth programmes, government health departments, public and private hospitals, primary care providers and software vendors. Our key achievements can be summarised as follows:

  • Initiated and fostered the authoring of the internationally agreed openEHR clinical models;
  • Provider of the preferred openEHR clinical model repository and governance tool used by 2200 users in 95 countries and separate instances for multiple national eHealth organisations;
  • Enterprise scale infection surveillance implementation for 120 hospitals with 1.2 million admissions and 1.5 million laboratory results per year for 2.2 million patients, running for over 6 years;
  • Shared care planning solution for 3500 chronically ill patients managed by 80 general practices across 3 regional primary health networks;
  • Shared health records for a 120,000 primarily Indigenous people across an area of 1.4 million square kilometres. The solution was a case study to demonstrate benefits of the Australian national electronic health record and referenced by World Health Organisation;
  • Solution Architecture consulting to an Australian department of health for system integration with national electronic health record project involving 5 software vendors; and
  • System Integration consulting to an Australian health department to specify the mappings of HL7 laboratory result messages into an openEHR clinical data repository.