OceanCare Consumer Fact Sheet

What is OceanCare?

OceanCare is a shared care record service that provides access to the LinkedEHR Care Planning application.

LinkedEHR is a shared care application which allows you to:

  • Create and use an electronic shared care plan with your nominated healthcare team
  • View notes and updates from healthcare providers in your health team
  • Healthcare providers to send referrals
  • Share health information resources with
  • Access and update your care plan by a web or mobile view

How does OceanCare work?

OceanCare provides a portal where healthcare information can be shared among your nominated healthcare team in the community. To use the system healthcare providers will need to complete a LinkedEHR shared care application form. You will then need to work with your General Practitioner (GP) or Practice Nurse (PN) to create your personal shared care record. This process is done in consultation with your GP/PN after exploring options on the best way to help you manage your health conditions in the community.  You will need to indicate your informed consent to have the electronic care plan record and this consent will be captured and recorded by your primary care physician. Once you have a shared care plan created your GP/PN will provide you with a Shared Care Activation Letter which contains instructions on how to access your Shared Care plan at home.

Once this is completed, you will work in partnership with your health team to document and keep up-to-date records of your encounters and progress in the community. Your nominated healthcare team are the only providers who have access & can update your record. You can keep track of the updated notes by logging into the consumer portal www.oceancare.com.au/mylinkedehr with your username and nominated password.

For security purposes a notification will prompt you to update your password every 60 days. This is to ensure your privacy and security of the healthcare information is protected.

You can manage the members of your healthcare team using the provider access settings in the ‘Details’ tab in the LinkedEHR application. This is where you can permit or restrict healthcare providers from using your record.  In the future you will be able to edit information on the care plan. Ocean Health Systems will inform you when this and new updates become available.

You can access your shared care plan from any mobile device or desktop computer.

Please Note: please refrain from accessing this using free -public wifi locations such as shopping centres, airports, or hotels.

The advantage of having a shared care plan in an electronic format is that:

  • You can have up-to-date information available whenever you change health care providers
  • For any unexpected healthcare emergency or hospital admission
  • Your referrals between healthcare providers is contained in one location so you can keep well informed of the plan of care in the community.

Who can access my OceanCare record?

To support efficient healthcare, any authorised user associated with the invited care team can access your record.

You may review and manage the healthcare provider organisations that have access to your shared care record using the consumer portal, or you can ask your practice manager to do this on your behalf. If you remove a provider from your provider access list, they will no longer be able to manage your healthcare with using your shared care record.

What information will be shared in OceanCare?

You will work in partnership with your primary care provider (GP or Practice Nurse) to select from the health information to be shared on the OceanCare. You will also nominate members of the health team involved in your care whom you provide access to your OceanCare record. Once you have selected this your health team will be able to upload and maintain information to assist you in managing your healthcare journey in the community:

  • Personal details about you such as your name, date of birth and contact information
  • A care plan to meet your health needs
  • medications and other clinically relevant data
  • Your allergies and anything that may cause you an adverse reaction
  • A record of immunisations
  • Details about you and your family medical history
  • Other types of information including pathology results, referral letters, consultations with community health care providers and pharmacies

Please Note: If there is any information you don’t want to share, you can request your General Practitioner or Practice Nurse to exclude this when uploading information to your shared care record. You should discuss this with your doctor during the consultation to ensure the necessary information is provided for managing your healthcare.

Your full medical record located at your selected general practitioner’s practice will not be included in your shared care record this includes financial/billing information or arrangements. Each Healthcare provider involved in your care will keep their own clinical records of your encounters. The information provided in the shared care plan allows both you and the members of your healthcare team to have up-to-date information about the plan of care in the community. Only information you permit to be shared will be documented in the shared care plan.

How will information in my shared care record be used

 Your shared care record will only be used as permitted under the privacy laws, which includes:

  • In accordance with the consent you have provided on registration
  • For the purpose of providing health care services to you by others in your healthcare team
  • As a reference in providing continuous health care service to you
  • To communicate with you in relation to your health care
  • To provide you with continuing health care services
  • To check quality and ensure your shared care record is stored and saved correctly
  • For any other purpose permitted under the privacy legislation

Your shared care record will NOT be shared as de-identified data with any third parties unless consented by you, the healthcare consumer. Consent to share de-identified data will be recorded as part of your shared care record and managed along with your provider access settings. By default, your record will NOT include any consent to sharing de-identified data with third parties.

Where and how is the data stored?

Your shared care record is stored on servers hosted by a secure third-party data centre located in eastern Australia. These servers are managed only by authorised system administrators employed (or contracted) by Ocean Health Systems for management and maintenance purposes only and are bound by employment confidentiality agreements and privacy laws.

Data is backed up on separate secure storage which may be in another region of Australia.

Data is stored and transmitted within a secure network and accessible only by using the application using industry standard Internet encryption.

Your shared care record is only accessible by invited providers that are registered users with either an national Health Provider Identifier (HPI-I) or Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) number. All users are legally bound to protect your information as set out in the OceanCare Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How long is the data retained for?

Your shared care record information will be retained as long as necessary to support your shared care needs in accordance with OceanCare Privacy Policy and the applicable laws.

Your record will remain accessible to you after your General Practitioner ceases to use OceanCare or if they do not pay their subscription fees, unless the General Practitioner recommends that you deactivate your shared care record or you instruct your practice nurse to do this on your behalf. This enables you to share your shared care record with another subscribing General Practitioner or reactivate your shared record in the future.

Healthcare providers are also obligated to retain information uploaded or captured within OceanCare for the case where your shared cared record information is no longer available in OceanCare.

What laws protect my privacy?

The relevant Privacy laws that protect your personal information the Privacy Act 1988 (cth), (Privacy Laws) and the Health Privacy Principles contained in the health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW).

Personal information will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the obligations under the Privacy laws, Department of health and Ageing Private Policy which can be found at www.ehealth.gov.au.

How does the system audit who has access my information?

There is a system wide audit log that maintains records of who is access what information including:

  • The person accessing the information
  • The organisation of the person accessing the information
  • The identifier of the individual whose information was accessed
  • The date and time information was accessed
  • What action was performed on the information, read, create, update

You have the right to request information about who is accessing your shared care record by emailing support@oceancare.com.au.

How can I discontinue the use of my shared care record?

You can deactivate your shared care record entirely so that you and all providers will not be able to access it by requesting this from your practice manager.

Information will not be deleted from your shared care record, but the existing information will not be accessible or used and no further information will be added to your record.

You may choose later to reactivate your shared care plan, but there will be a gap in your shared care plan for the period you were deactivated.

If you feel that you will no longer require your shared care record and want it to be permanently deleted, this may be requested in accordance with the OceanCare Privacy Policy by requesting this from your practice manager.

What happens in the case of a breach of information/privacy and security?

Ocean Health Systems and your healthcare team are obligated by Australian law to protect your privacy and security of your healthcare data. If in the unforeseen instance there is a data breach the following process will occur in accordance with the OceanCare data Breach Response Plan:

  • Contain and assess the data breach
  • Determine if an eligible data breach has occurred
  • Evaluate contractual and other legal obligations
  • Carry out remedial action
  • If required, notify the Information Commissioner and relevant individuals
  • Review and plan improvements to mitigate a future data breach

Who is Ocean Health Systems?

Ocean Health Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian based company who has been providing, hosting and maintaining shared care record systems area for 7 of years. Registered in NSW and an operations office based in Adelaide they have a team of clinical experts, developers, support and informatics personnel who work alongside State Health Departments, Primary Healthcare Networks and Primary Care Providers to ensure the system complies with clinical and consumer healthcare information needs and requirements in the community. The team at Ocean Health Systems regularly review the system to ensure the LinkedEHR is both easy to access and use.

If you would like to submit feedback on your electronic shared care experience you can submit a de-identified comment by email contact@oceancare.com.au.