Information for Providers

What is OceanCare?

OceanCare is a Shared care planning service powered by the LinkedEHR Care Planning platform. It allows you to:

  • Create an electronic shared care plan and update it in real time
  • View summaries from all care team members
  • Send referrals within the context of the care plan
  • Share resources with patients
  • Engage with patients via a mobile view
  • Share problem templates between corporate groups or within local networks

Pen Topbar is used to integrate OceanCare with Medical Director, Best Practice and Zedmed. If you have Pen Topbar through your Primary Health Network, you can turn on the OceanCare Topbar App when your registration is complete.

Why OceanCare?

OceanCare locates the patient at the centre of the community healthcare team, ensuring care is updated in real time.
The application:

  • Meets Health Care Homes requirements for shared care planning software
  • Reflects an evidence based, best practice approach to care planning
  • Provide customisable problem templates to meet disease specific conditions

How much does OceanCare cost?

OceanCare is available to General Practices for a monthly flat fee per General Practitioner. Special concessions are available for those enrolled in the Health Care Homes programme.

Allied Health Professionals and Pharmacists can register as care team member for free when invited by a registered General Practitioner.